12:00 am madness... sheesh


Sometimes in the randomness of the human mind, you get inspired to do something even when it seems rather odd.

I was inspired to write a blog post. And yes, the clock is nearing 12:00 am.
I feel happy.
A good feeling...
Where am I headed with this post? I shall write ten things that I am thankful for and then close.

Shall we begin?
2.)My family
3.)The smell of the air after a thunderstorm
4.)My little pal (my pup)
5.)My mumma's garden
8.)My neighbors (Chad and Bekah, Anna and Deany)
9.)My country home
10.)The blue sky

I could go on and on, but my eyes are starting to droop with sleepiness. So...

Farewell and have a blessed day!
~Kay A.