Oh, Happy day..


Yesterday was such a wonderful day I felt it would be flat out wrong not to share pieces of it with you. My sister, brother-in-law and two nieces came out to our ol' country house and shared the entire day with us. We chatted on the porch, ate potato soup, played some hoop... and so on. The weather was perfect and the company was perfect. We were even delightfully surprised with a visit from our awesome neighbors, which in truth they're more like family than neighbors.
But again, I'm struck down on how to put in mere words the fullness of the day.
How the wind rustled easily through the trees as we chatted on the porch, and the grass shrinked from the little feet of my nieces as they ran back and forth to the slide and swing, the crystal blue sky overhead with a few fluffy clouds, being chased with a lizard, swinging with my niece Liberty in my lap (barefoot, mind you), playing a bball game my brother-in-law dubbed "hawg", and lounging on the porch playing guitar.
After reading over this post I'm still struck down on how it doesn't fully capture the radiance of the wonderful day. But, I hope you caught even a slight glimpse of the beauty of the ooooooooh so happy day.

May your day be oh so happy!
~Kay A.