It's Cold Outside... ♫ ♪


Though summer is near and spring is nearer I shall share a song I wrote last winter concerning the sharp cold wind. And snow. It 'tis one of my shortest songs but also one of my favorites!

It's Cold Outside
Verse 1-
Snowflakes landing on your nose, laughter spilling from so and so, lightness glittering from every swing, and we all exclaim...

It's cold outside, it's cold outside, the wind sends out icy fingers that lick you in the face, it's cold outside

Children come in shivering, eyes all aglow, their hearts answered by the childish call, the trees shake as the snow floats to the ground, this is what it's all about...

And now spring arrives and we welcome it with glee, and now our hearts can sing...

Chorus 2-
It was cold outside, it was cold outside, but now all of nature will come back alive, it was cold outside

There it 'tis!
~Kay A.

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  1. Love it! Would love to hear it!