Further up, further in... ♫


So, I'm finally doing it. I'll let you followers read one song I've written and hopefully you'll tell me what needs to be fixed in it. To me it seems better when I play the good ol' guitar with it. But anyway...

Further up (and further in)
Verse 1-
The day is ended and what have I done? Have I completed anything worthy of living under the sun? Have I wasted time playin' the same ol' game? Of useless, petty thoughts and giving my day away? When the moon enters the sky will I sit back and say I lived every moment to the fullest? Or will I say I'll do better when night turns to morning?

Do something noble today, something to build your character within, live beyond the shadowlands, let's go further up and further in

Verse 2-
The day is morning and what will I do? I have choices before me, oh, more than just one or two. Will I listen to the inner voice, or will I take the easy road, the shallow course?

Let's go beyond (Short bridge, I know. But I repeat it several times. ;) )

The day is morning, what will I do?

Well, there it is. I hope it inspired you to live every moment to the fullest! :)

~Kay A.


  1. Very beautiful Kay A. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kay, I'm your only faithful follower, I've read it three times now, and still love it!

  3. Thanks Mrs. Becky! I'm so glad you like it. :)