some things aren't meant to be understood

It makes you think.  This thing called life.  The way it ebbs and flows and takes directions you never thought it'd go.  Sometimes we ask ourselves the hard questions, the "whys" and "what ifs".  And then there's the ache that never really goes away no matter how hard you try and shake it and somedays you're smiling at a sunset that you know is a gift from God.  And the next moment you're shaking your fist at the storms and clouds that blanket the earth in darkness.  Sometimes you can't thank God enough for the blessings in your life and the next moment you question His goodness when you see the ugliness of life.  The "why" questions.  They can eat your heart out if you let them.  But amidst the happiness and tears and aching and joy and pain, there's a lingering thought that sits at the back of my mind.  

That maybe... some things aren't meant to be understood on this side.  Maybe the "why" questions that pierce our hearts and shake our souls aren't questions we'll get answered on this side.  And in a way, that's comforting.  Because what we do know, is that He cares and He knows.  And that's what makes all the difference.


apartment vibes

so I recently moved to a tiny town near Branson for a new job in the city!  I currently live in a small and cute apartment with my orange and white cat and lots of chocolate.  it's definitely an adventure and adjustment but how can it not be exciting to live so close to Branson?!  also, my backyard view is LIT 😍


sad eyes on smiling faces

working in retail provides a lot of people-observing which is something that this introverted person loves to do.  numerous people flood into the little store buying and returning and exchanging.  as someone who has always been a very strong observer, there's something I've noticed that I see in a lot of the customers that come and go...
there are so many sad eyes on smiling faces.  it's been a sad observation--  people with different fashions and lives and stories who smile to hide the pain of lost dreams, past pain, and sorrow.  people whose eyes tell the story.  I always smile back, offer a compliment and hope that somehow their day, their life will get better.  I sorta pride myself on my people-observing skills, but this has been one observation that has left me sad.
sad for those who fake a smile
for those whose dreams are lost
for those who walk around trying to hide the pain
for those who carry the weight of the world in one pair of eyes

eyes tell stories but some stories are sad to read.

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